JusDust.ORG is a not for profit division of JusDust.com. Our goal at JusDust.org is to provide you all the information you ever needed about dust collectors, but didn't want to ask. If you still have questions after searching our site don't hesitate to contact us.

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Jusdust.org is the brainchild of Tim Barnes. Tim developed Jusdust.com to give dust collectors a "place of their own". Like JusDust.com, JusDust.org complies with our "two click" policy. The information you are looking for is never more than two clicks away. There are thousands of websites selling machinery out there, and at most of them you can get a cog wheel, maybe a couple of widgets, and two or three dust collectors. At JusDust.com you will find one thing dust collectors! View all of our available used dust collectors

So why JusDust.org? JusDust.org is here to answer all of your questions before making a major purchase for you company. Here you will find information on most major styles of dust collectors, different dust collection methods, and collection of other substances such as particle, smoke, and fume collection. Bottom line, JusDust.org is here to provide you with information.

Have you ever wondered what "air to cloth ratio" really means? Check out our glossary page. Not sure if you should go with a shaker collection system, or a cartrdige style dust collector? Learn about them both at JusDust.org. If you still have questions after browsing our site give Tim Barnes a call 888.587.3878, or email sales@jusdust.com .