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Used Dust Collector dust collection

Who uses Dust Collectors

So who uses dust collectors? The short answer is almost anyone in the manufacturing industry! Dust, fume, particle, and smoke collection systems are essential to the saftey, and required by law, in many facets of manufacturing and agriculture.


Virtually every form of manufacturing uses some type of dust collector, or dust, fume, particle, or smoke collection system, combined with the duct system of their facility.


Dust collection is required in a variety of welding applications. Commonly a Fume Arm is used at a work station

Wood Working

When talking about dust collection wood working is likely one of the first, and most obvious, segments of manufacturing to come to mind.

Fiberglass & Plastics

When manufacturing plastics, and fiberglass tiny fibers, and debris is created. Also when heating, adn refining aforementioned marterials smoke, and fume collection methods are reqquired.


Through blasting and drilling, and based on often cramped quarters often times mining applications require a smaller, or more portable dust collection solution.

Agricultural and Food Particle Collection

Dust collection is often required is the food manufacturing and refining, and agricultural industries. Here are a few applications where dust collectors are used:
  • Fruit and Nut Particle Collection
  • Grain Particle Collection
  • Spice Particle Collection
  • Cereal Production
  • Processed Food Production
  • Flour, Starch, Sugar
  • Egg Shell & Dust
  • Bread Products

Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Agriculture in almost every industry requires some form of dust, particle, fume, and/or smoke coolection stystem.